Hi again from Desert Haven Animal Refuge, my home since I was rescued. I am Baby, a sweetheart of a black lab, and Spot-a-kiss is my buddy – an affectionate gentleman bull terrier mix. This week we will finish up our tail, er I mean tale. Ha ha we certainly are jokesters! In fact, we both have really cool personalities. While we wait to be adopted, we make the most of each day here in Dogtown. First thing in the morning, we are served breakfast of course. After that we head out on-leash to go up the hill to Old West – a huge fenced area – to play and run, or we head down the hill to Playland, our Agility Course.

Once our human buddy has brought us back to our shared, spacious yard in Dogtown, we might take a dip in our doggie pool if it’s hot out. We might take a siesta in the shade. We might play with each other. I, Baby, prefer rope toys. I will toss around my rope toy all day long! Spot-a-kiss thinks belly rubs are the best! We have our different likes and dislikes but what we both love is PEOPLE! We both hope that soon, we will melt someone’s heart and then we will have families of our very own. Until then, we know we are loved and well cared for right here by all the humans at Desert Haven.  Check us out at DesertHaven.Petfinder.com so you can see our adorable pictures and read our bios. Bye now! Woof!

This week we want to thank the wonderful staff at Sierra Vista Hospital in TorC. Hospital staff spent a month holding a dog and cat supply drive for our little rescues, which they delivered recently. An entire picnic table was covered in donations of food, litter, treats, and other items companion animals need. What a great day! Our hearts go out to Dr. Anne, who  lost her beautiful Ms. Baby Doll recently. In a comforting gesture, the Community Schools Team 3 made a donation in Ms. Baby Doll’s loving memory. 

Interested in volunteering? Connect with us at weR4pets@gmail.com or 575-894-2639. Our mailing address is: SCHS & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, PO BOX 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. Chat with us at www.Facebook.com/DesertHaven.  Visit us at www.sierracountyhumanesociety.com to click on our donate button to make a contribution via Paypal. Together, we make a difference.    


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PO Box 638
Williamsburg, NM 87942


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