Sierra County Humane Society

Our Mission – Prevention of Animal Cruelty, Relief of Suffering Among Animals, Extension of Humane Education. We have three community programs to help guide our mission: Spay-Neuter, Spay-a-Stray, and Adopt-a-Pet Referral. We also own and operate an animal sanctuary, Desert Haven Animal Refuge, that provides a safe space for neglected, abandoned, and unwanted companion animals in Sierra County. Cats and dogs residing at Desert Haven Animal Refuge (DHAR) are well taken care of for their entire time spent with us, or until we find them a loving and suitable new home. 

Sierra County Humane Society

The Sierra County Humane Society, a non-profit 501c3 corporation dedicated to the welfare of animals, is staffed by a dedicated army of volunteers, and is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Desert Haven Animal Rescue

Companion animals reside at Desert Haven Animal Rescue (DHAR), where their daily nutrition, exercise, and nurturance needs are met by dedicated volunteers. As a no-kill sanctuary, dogs and cats live at DHAR as long as they need to or until a loving home is found. 

Every little bit helps

Join us in continuing our mission. As a nonprofit organization, we truly couldn’t do it without the support of our wonderful and caring community members.

Cassandra of Las Cruces (Cassandra adopted our senior cat Dusty Boy in October 2020)

"I’ve had cats all my life, so I’ve got the basics down pretty well, giving him to to adjust. Dusty Boy came out from the closet where he spent some time coping with the new change of surroundings. I took him to the cat tree so he could see everything going on and still feel safe. Skylar and Dusty Boy are becoming acquainted."

Lauren of Gallup NM, adopted Diesel now known as Eliza, in September 2020

"Run by great volunteers! Animals are well taken care of and loved. They were very accommodating of our schedule to meet and adopt our new dog. Highly recommend."

Blair of ABQ, NM, adopted Carina in June 2020

"Desert Haven was amazing! They take great care of their animals and were very easy to work with. We absolutely love our dog and would highly recommend them!!"

Samuel of Las Cruces who adopted dog Scout in May 2020

"We just adopted a dog from here. He is the sweetest dog and the facility was wonderful about being in communication with us and making sure our home was ready to welcome our new family member. They truly care about the animals here and deserve so much recognition for all the work they put into these animals."

Cyril and Scott of Silver City NM who adopted Matty now Huck in July 2020

"All in all, he’s a very good boy. He’s confident, smart, he listens, and you rarely have to tell him twice. Sometimes you have to tell him again 15 minutes later, but no means no, and he gets it. He’s very affectionate, and loves to cuddle. We love this little guy. Thank you for what you do, and for taking such good care of Huck. Sending everyone at Desert Haven all the best."

Aslynn and son of ABQ who adopted Kiki in August 2020

“Hello! I just wanted to thank you again for our new baby. We are very happy with Kiki and I think he is pretty happy too. He’s acclimated very well and is such a sweet baby! Thank you very much!”

Alan of Minnesota, work camped at Desert Haven Fall/Winter 2019-2020

"Any animal lucky enough to be stationed at DHAR as they wait for their forever home is going to be loved and cared for by people who truly embody compassion."

Scott of Silver City NM after adopting a puppy Summer 2020

"We have never seen an animal rescue like this one. It’s located in a beautiful spot outside Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and runs on goodwill and love. Every staff member is a volunteer animal advocate, given living space in return for working there. They are committed to their animals’ welfare, and take their work to heart. There’s even a cemetery where people can bury their pets, and visit them whenever they want. We just adopted a puppy from them, and they are so concerned about his proper medical care that they won’t release him to us until they feel he’s ready, which we completely support. This place is not part of any network, and thrives on donations from like-minded individuals. Please help them do their work. Animals cannot advocate for themselves, and the people at Desert Haven are the best possible ambassadors."

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