Spay-a-Stray Program

Spay-a-Stray is a program provided to Sierra County residents courtesy of the Sierra County Humane Society. A resident will incur no cost to participate in this program.

Complete this form to request authorization. You will be called by our volunteer on a Tuesday to let you know you have authorization.

After authorization is given, your name and phone number will be put by us onto a list at the local vet office. The resident then traps a stray cat (up to five cats can be authorized per month in this program), transports the cat to the vet office for spay or neuter. Each stray cat sterilized under this program will have its ear clipped as a visual notification that this cat has been sterilized. The resident then picks up the cat and returns it to its same location. The local vet will send the bill to us to be paid by Sierra County Humane Society.

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