Desert Haven Animal Refuge

Desert Haven Animal Refuge is operated by The Sierra County Humane Society, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to the welfare of animals and governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Desert Haven Animal Refuge opened its doors in December 2001…

to homeless, neglected, handicapped and unwanted domestic animals of Sierra County, New Mexico.

All animals at Desert Haven are guaranteed a new home or a good life at the no-kill facility, where they will never again be alone, hungry or afraid. Except in extreme circumstances – when the animal is a danger to himself or to others, or has lost quality of life – all animals taken in will live at our facility until they are adopted or to the end of their natural life.


Our Mission:

  • The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Relief of Animal Suffering
  • Extension of Humane Education
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