SCHS raises funds for several comprehensive programs that provide long-term benefits for the companion animals of Sierra County

Spay–Neuter Program

THE SCHS SPAY-NEUTER PROGRAM is one of the most effective programs operated by our animal welfare organization. We assist every eligible local resident of Sierra County who applies for financial help.

If you need help to have your dog or cat sterilized, download the spay/neuter application here. You will receive a rebate certificate for a discounted spay for your female pet and discounted neuter for your male pet. Current rebate certificates, as of December 1, 2020, are $50 off of a spay and $40 off of a neuter surgery.

The SCHS pet sterilization program has a yearly budget of over $10,000.

Spay-A-Stray Program

THE SPAY-A-STRAY PROGRAM covers the entire costs of sterilizing five or more stray or feral cats each month, using the “Trap-Neuter-Return” method pioneered by Alley Cat Allies.

Cats sterilized under this program must have a safe environment to return to after sterilization. Currently, the Society is in the process of sterilizing entire colonies of stray cats in several areas within the community. It is through contributions earmarked for this gigantic effort that the Society is able to keep this most important program financially stable.

Adopt-A-Pet Referral Program

THE ADOPT-A-PET REFERRAL PROGRAM was established to assist Sierra County pet owners with rehoming their pets when they become unable to care for the pet. A few moments of the owner’s time is needed to get basic information about their cat or dog. (Pet owners can contact us at 575-894-1694 to leave a message which will be returned by a volunteer. or use the button below to contact us) One of our volunteers then make an adoption listing for the pet on our own Desert Haven Animal Refuge page. We promote the pet for adoption in the same way we promote our adoptable cats and dogs. There are no fees for the pet owner or the subsequent adopter of a pet listed under our Adopt-a-Pet Referral program.

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