Our corner of the Desert Southwest is currently experiencing extremely hot – and dry – weather conditions, day in and day out.  Within the last few days only, we have received several calls from good-hearted local residents who have spotted, also attempted to rescue, abandoned litters both of kittens and puppies. One is of a mother cat with her six small kittens – abandoned next to a dumpster in the outskirts of the community. How can anyone with a shred of human decency abandon their companion animal in any circumstances – at any time of the year – without any regard to their safety?  This unscrupulous practice of discarding animals is disturbing on its own. But, in this extreme heat, without water, food, shelter, these helpless creatures are doomed. Abandoned, dying of exposure in this extreme heat or from predators is a horrible way to die.

Snce 1989, when the Sierra County Humane Society (this area’s very first animal welfare organization) was organized,  we have made huge progress in lowering animal over-population in our entire county. Several new organizations are now working toward the same goal: lowering the number of unwanted births of kittens and puppies. To that end, our organization provides  spay-neuter rebate certificates to eligible applicants.  Companion Animal Action Team (C.A.A.T.) also provides deeply discounted spay and neuter procedures. C.A.A.T. can be reached at caatnm2012@gmail.com and is on the web at http://www.caatnm.org/. In this Day-and-Age, there is – finally – help in our county for anyone who no longer can or wishes to keep a companion animal. The local City Shelter can be reached during business hours at 575-894-4556. After business hours, call Dispatch at 575-894-7111, which is the after-hours connection to the local animal shelter. Our animal welfare organization also routinely rescues dogs and cats from the City Shelter, gives them a home at Desert Haven Animal Refuge and cares for them while we post their bios with photos on local and nationwide pages to give them the very-best chances to melt someone’s heart and move to their forever home.

This week’s Wish List: Dog Walkers now and throughout the summer. Interested in helping with dog walking in the early morning? Contact us at weR4pets@gmail.com or 575-894-2639. 

Our mailing address is: SCHS & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, PO BOX 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. Chat with us at www.Facebook.com/DesertHaven.  Visit us at www.sierracountyhumanesociety.com to click on our donate button if you wish to make a contribution via Paypal. Together, we make a difference.     


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