Hello from Desert Haven. My name is Baby and I am a bouncy and playful black lab pup, lucky enough to now reside at the no-kill sanctuary. Let me introduce you to Spot-a-Kiss, my buddy, my constant companion, an affectionate and happy bull terrier mix. Guess what, this week, we have been commissioned by the writer of this article to step up and give our loyal readership a glimpse into what it is like to be a Desert Haven Dog. So here goes! We are aptly titling this article: A Day in the Life of a Dog at Desert Haven.

The first thing you – our readers who support Desert Haven in so many ways – should know is that we are well cared for by every member of the volunteer team.  Spot-a-Kiss and I arrived at the sanctuary with several issues that needed attention.  The kind-hearted helpers have tended to us to make sure our issues got cleared up. For me, it is a case of “happy-tail”. It means that I am so darned happy all the time that my tail bangs against the walls and gets painful bleeding wounds on it. To help me, the team found a solution:  I am now enjoying the largest living space at Dogtown. No more hitting the obstacles that kept my tail bloody all the time. Of course, I am getting medicine too, and it works: no more bloody tail for me!  All of you, my human friends, you are my heroes!

How do we, the Dogs of Desert Haven, spend the day?

We are already over the word limit we were given for this article.  Please, read about us again next week to get the rest of our fun story! Until then, check us out at DesertHaven.Petfinder.com so you can see our adorable pictures and read our bios. We are both adoptable and awesome!

This week we thank Jody for her donation of cat food. Also thank-you to all who continue to – anonymously – drop- off dog and cat donations at our Donation Box at the entrance of Desert Haven. Connect with us at weR4pets@gmail.com or 575-894-2639 if you would like to volunteer. Our mailing address is: SCHS & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, PO BOX 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. Chat with us at www.Facebook.com/DesertHaven and www.Facebook.com/PawsnClawsThriftShoppe.  Visit us at www.sierracountyhumanesociety.com to click on our donate button if you wish to make a contribution via Paypal. Together, we make a difference.    



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