This week the Desert Haven Animal Refuge team of volunteers wishes to share a heartwarming animal story with our readers. It is about the latest one of the 9 lives of one of the no-kill sanctuary’s little rescues from a few weeks ago, a friendly, one-year-old or so feline we immediately named Amber.

Every time that we find new loving homes for some of the little furry residents at the sanctuary, we have the space and the resources to rescue several from the City Shelter.  One day in Early February of this year, Amber immediately caught our eyes. She was so eager to get out of that cage, that we simply could not leave there. That same day, she came back with us, as part of a group of several other dogs and cats that we knew we needed to save that day. Amber, a Havana Brown breed, adapted well to the daily life at the Cool Cat Neighborhood. She was soon listed on Petfinder for adoption, and she immediately attracted a lot of interest and received several adoption applications. Then, at her first Veterinary visit,  we received confirmation of what we had started to notice: Amber was  pregnant. All adoptions applications were now put on hold.

Amber’s kittens are now nearly five weeks old and of course, each one is even more adorable and inquisitive than the other. When her little ones are weaned and ready to be on their own, Amber will be sterilized and ready for adoption. In the meantime, our entire team of volunteers enjoys spending time with her and her babies. When rescuing her from the City Shelter we anticipated and prepared for the costs of vaccinations, healthcare, and spay surgery for one young feline: Amber. Now, with five additional kittens to provide the necessary veterinary care for — the costs of vetting Amber’s entire little family has grown tenfold.

In times like these especially, we are reminded once again of how precious our supporters – one-time supporters and monthly donors – really are to our animal welfare cause. They are a major part in our on-going success over the years.

This week’s wish list: Canned and dry kitten and puppy food. We can be reached at and  575-894-1694. Our mailing address is: SCHS & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, PO BOX 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. Chat with us at  Visit us at to click on our donate button if you’d like to make a contribution via Paypal. Together, we make a difference.


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