Recently, Desert Haven Animal Refuge welcomed back a familiar face to our volunteer team, Michael of North Dakota. This will be Michael’s third Winter as an invaluable member of the team that operates Sierra County’s no-kill sanctuary and cares for its furry residents.  

While residing in his favorite RV park locally, Michael dedicates many hours each week, day after day, to make a real difference in the lives of the residents of DogTown. Every afternoon, he spends his volunteer time socializing and training each and every fur boy and girl so they learn all the good habits, to give them the best chance possible at the very best home that we can find for each one of them. Michael also actively participates in the meet-and-greet sessions, as he and  Adoption Coordinator Greta assist adoptive parents in deciding whether or not the fur-boy or girl they are interested in is really a good match for them, and vice versa.

Here at Desert Haven, we take every potential adoption seriously and we do not let our fur-babies leave the safety of our no-kill sanctuary without doing everything we can to ensure a good match that will hopefully last a lifetime. We know we are their voice, and we take it to heart. They trust us and they can count on us to ensure they are our priority.  

When he sees the need, Michael does not hesitate to make a repair here, an upgrade there, to help ensure a safe environment for everyone, human and non human residents alike. For the past three winters, he has generously given his time and skills while also providing the funds needed to purchase some of the supplies to build an Agility Course to be enjoyed by all our furry residents while under his guidance and that of their caretakers. Michael has been the driving force that made the PlayLand Agility Course become a reality at Desert Haven. Along the way, several other volunteers joined in and they deserve recognition – Greta took on the painting of the obstacles that were being built one at a time, while Cottonwood Mark made a point to strengthen the Playland Pavilion and he then repainted it before his work camping commitment ended and he went back to his home state of NJ. This year, Michael made the decision to become a Life Member of the Sierra County Humane Society – a show of trust indeed, as he embraces our animal welfare cause and joins us in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of Sierra County’s companion animals. 

Paws-up for our volunteers, Kerin, Aran and Mary Anne, who began helping out at Desert Haven as Kitty Cuddlers and they have kindly taken on some Cat Care – and Dog Walking – duties during their volunteer shift.

This week’s wish list: Morning Dog Walkers– Someone to routinely donate time and skills to groom our resident dogs anytime on Tuesdays. Contact us at or 575-575-894-2639. Our mailing address is: SCHS & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, PO BOX 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942. Chat with us at   and  

Visit us at to click on our donate button if you’d like to make a contribution via Paypal. Together, we make a difference. 

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