Many of our supporters have been following our heart-work at Desert Haven Animal Refuge for years. Over the years, we have had many, many volunteers and work campers taking care of our companion animals. People volunteering with us as Dog Walkers have walked our fur-babies week in and week out, lovingly so. No matter how little time some of you spent being of service at Desert Haven, you most likely met, heard of, or most commonly, loved Scruffy.

Scruffy was a small puppy when a group of children lured him to them, then held him down as one started to cut one of his ears apart with his pocket-knife. A man heard his screams and saved him from the experience that had just scarred him for life. We took him in at Dogtown. That was nine years ago. As a puppy, potential adopters often found him too active for them. His dislike for children caused by his traumatic experience as a young pup had also narrowed his possibilities at adoption.  As time went on, Scruffy grew up to be a big boy – a want-to-be lapdog – too large for many seniors. As the years went by, his buddies were adopted one by one, but he stayed behind. Our team stayed determined to find the right match for him.  Scruffy deserved to live safely and comfortably in a home with a compassionate human who would love and understand him as they both grew older together.

Scruffy lives a good life at Dogtown. It’s a place full of positive energy where he resides, together with a buddy or two along the way, on the largest piece of real estate we have been able to provide for him over time.  Our Big Boy receives personal attention daily from every member of the team. And he loves that attention – a want-to-be lapdog for sure. Still, we know in our hearts that as much as we all love our Scruffy, we have always wanted the very best for him: a loving forever home where he will spend what is left of his life physically and emotionally close to his beloved human companion.

To all of you — our volunteers, supporters, donors, contributors, work campers, and fellow animal lovers — we have an announcement to make. We are over-the-moon-excited to tell you that Scruffy has been adopted! On her first day work camping with us, some weeks ago, Leslie was drawn to Scruffy. She spent many weeks getting to know him, his quirks, his needs. She learned how big his love is and realized how much good they both could bring to each other’s life. This past week, Scruffy and his new mom, Leslie, rode off into the sunset. There really is a dog for every home, and a home for every dog. 

To find out more about Scruffy and his new mom, or to get involved in our animal loving cause, check us out on Facebook.

We can be reached at, 575-894-1694.

Together, we make a difference.

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