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As a community-minded Animal Welfare organization, Sierra County Humane Society operates four well-established programs which seek to strengthen our community. We invite Sierra County residents to take part in one of these programs today. Our Spay-A-Stray program supports the sterilization of abandoned and unwanted cats. Our Spay-Neuter program provides rebates to cat and dog owners to help sterilization become more affordable.

As our sanctuary furry residents become adopted, and as our carefully planned budget allows us to save again, we rescue more companion animals in need, often directly from the City shelter. Every animal who leaves Desert Haven leaves in good health, sterilized and up to date on vaccinations. While residing at Desert Haven, our little rescues have the nutrition, veterinary care, daily exercise, and personal attention they need. When our space at the sanctuary is full, we refer Sierra County residents to another one of our community programs: Adopt-A-Pet Referral. This program helps give a resident’s companion animal in need of a new home another chance by advertising them on our Petfinder page.

Our Adoptions program is strong and thriving. Thank you, Greta, (Desert Haven Adoption Coordinator) for your radiant personality, your hard work and your steady efforts to get all our furry sanctuary residents into the cyber limelight, which helps us tremendously in choosing, together with our little ones ( they have a say of course) the forever home that will be just right for them. Greta, your beautiful soul shines here at our sanctuary and we feel blessed to count you among our long-term team members. With our two other long-term members, Mark, Desert Haven’s “Dog Father with a big heart”, and “Cat Whisperer” Lesia also on board, together with several volunteers and work campers, the Desert Haven team is strong indeed – we are grateful.

For more information about any of our four community programs please contact us at or 575-894-1694. Our latest addition to the SCHS Adopt-A-Pet Referral program: TorC resident Allan needs to re-home his two friendly, affectionate, gorgeous and sterilized felines, Cali and Smokey. Check them out on our Petfinder page at Allan can be reached directly at

This week’s wish list: canned kitten and cat food – cat treats. Please save your Bullocks receipts and your aluminum cans for us. Our mailing address is: SCHS & Desert Haven Animal Refuge, PO BOX 638, Williamsburg, NM 87942.
Chat with us at Desert Haven Animal Refuge – Sierra County Humane Society. Visit us at to click on our donate button if you’d like to make a contribution via Paypal. Together, we make a difference.
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