Brody with his family
Who remembers Brody (now Bohdi), our little Corgi mix rescue, who became a Colorado resident many months ago? Thankfully, this week we received a pupdate from his wonderful family. When we see this many exclamation points in a pupdate, we know all is going well and all are very happy!
From Bohdi’s dad:
“I hope all is well down in New Mexico! I just wanted to give you guys an update on Bodhi (We changed his name, hope you guys don’t mind!) He is such an amazing dog! He is quickly warming up to other dogs and people! He loves going to the dog park and running around with the big dogs! I think he thinks he is much bigger than he is! He has been coming to work with me and I think he enjoys the corporate life! Thanks for much for all you guys did for him, we couldn’t be happier to have him in our family!”
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