Some dogs are easy peasy lemon squeezy for us to picture with most any type of family and in a large variety of home situations. Other dogs give us pause and cause us to really consider specificity in an adoption placement so our little one has the highest chance for success and longevity in his new home.
You may remember Billy from over a year ago. He was a pup who was most certainly a team effort to care for and had us all scratching our heads at one point as we considered his needs and what type of home life might be best.
Enter Cheryl. Cheryl fostered Billy and then adopted him and then he became Cielo! She has given him the best home and life we could have imagined. He has doggie friends, a fur-brother, and he has Cheryl who loves him completely and who understands him. She recently sent us these adorable pictures for which we are very grateful.
From Cheryl:
“This selfie was taken during our week long failed foster when it became obvious even to me that he was meant to be with us.”
Red chihuahua dog with post envelope and icon e-male isolated


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