Mark taking a pool for the pups to play in
Throughout the week, we are highlighting the valued efforts of some of our volunteers and work campers. We appreciate the time and dedication that all of our team members give in support of the companion animals that take sanctuary with us at Desert Haven both in Dogtown and in the Cool Cat Neighborhood.
Mark, of New Jersey, is a real gem. His stint work camping at Desert Haven is already coming to a close and that makes us sad! Mark takes special care to learn about what the dogs need from him, then he gives them that loving care. For instance, when Mark learned that our wonderful Wiggles was too focused on hunting lizards, he asked how he could help. Mark then put a plan into action and has since helped our little Wiggles to develop stronger engagement with people. He has a heart of gold and a terrific work ethic.
Here Mark is pictured with Shannon, Shaggy, Veronica, Whitney, and Mama Mia, bringing them a doggie pool of water so they could cool off in the summer heat. We thank Mark for his service!
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