All animals at Desert Haven are guaranteed a new home or a good life at the no-kill facility, where they will never again be alone, hungry or afraid.

Adopt a Dog*

Puppies less than 1 yr. old – $150
1-3 yrs. old – $130
4-6 yrs. old – $110
7 yrs. and up – $90

Adopt a Cat*

Kittens less than 1 yr. old – $120
1-3 yrs. old – $100
4-10 yrs. old – $80
Over 10 yrs. – $60

If you adopt another pet at the same time, the adoption fee is discounted by $20.00 for the second one because we believe “Life is better with a buddy!” We are careful to whom we adopt our companion animals. Questionnaires are required.

*Adoption Fees as of June 9, 2020


Dogs are our link to paradise. ~Milan Kundera

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"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” ~James Herriot

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Williamsburg, NM 87942

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