Our donors are our lifeblood in this important animal welfare work that the Sierra County Humane Society does in our area.  As we receive no support from the government or other agencies, we rely on the kindness of animal loving people near and far to send aid for the little ones we rescue, often from peril, sometimes from certain death. We operate a small but effective organization – within our means – on a shoe-string budget.  Our supporters are our strength. Each of our contributors are a gift to the companion animals we serve in Sierra County.

This week we wish to highlight a special way to contribute to our little rescues. Your donation in memory of lost loved ones or in honor of special friends shines a bright light on bright lives, lives lost, and lives that make a difference. It also gives a new chance at life to companion animals who need our help. This week, we thank everyone who has blessed us with their kindness and generosity in honor of those they love. Among others, we extend heartfelt gratefulness to Dhulkti of TorC for his recent donation in the name of Elisabeth, beloved mother who recently left this world. Larry’s family and friends generously donated in his memory after he passed away at his home recently. Lorena, who died suddenly in 2016, continues to be remembered and honored by Jon of VA who contributes regularly to Desert Haven’s little residents in Lorena’s memory.

We invite you to participate in our Tribute Program. It is a thoughtful way to acknowledge someone you love.  We personally acknowledge everyone who donates to our little rescues and we certainly recognize the gravity of contributions made in honor of those that made a difference as they walked through this Life.  In addition, we wish to acknowledge Carla, who handles the Cash-for-Clubs program for our organization. She tallies Bullocks receipts in memory of Josephine who took on this task years ago, from the first day of the program’s existence. Josephine left us some time ago.  “I am doing this in Josephine’s memory” Carla reminded us recently. What a meaningful way to honor someone’s memory, indeed.

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