Humane Happenings – September 6, 2020

Our hearts are heavy this week. The active volunteer team at Desert Haven Animal Refuge very recently experienced a tragic and unexpected loss. Larry of TorC, by way of Florida, has been an integral part of Sierra County Humane Society operations for several years. His sudden passing this week leaves every active member and volunteer shocked and extremely saddened. Larry had many friends here within our organization. His on-going involvement was deeply meaningful.

Larry began with us as a volunteer a few years ago. After visiting Desert Haven one Tuesday, he soon realized that Desert Haven could use his gardening and landscaping skills and he started to maintain the sanctuary grounds every Tuesday, along with handling various other tasks that he took on for the good of the cause. Not only did Larry get his hands dirty with hard physical work at Desert Haven, but when a position became open on our Board of Directors, he was asked to strongly consider it. He did and he soon became a member of our Board, then our SCHS Vice President the following year.  Larry walked the walk of rescue as he adopted two precious bonded dogs from the sanctuary whom he called “my girls”. Daisy and Sandy went everywhere with Larry and were loved deeply and completely by this gentle man we call Friend.

Along the way, Larry developed close and lasting friendships within the ranks of our animal welfare organization and at the sanctuary. Year after year, this kind, thoughtful and worldly man hosted the Thanksgiving Holiday celebration for the entire Desert Haven volunteer team at his comfortable TorC home. Larry’s sudden passing is leaving a tremendous ache in our hearts, and the knowledge that his beloved fur-girls do not comprehend what is happening and why they are back at Desert Haven, without their beloved human, is very painful to all of his at the sanctuary, who know them and Larry well.  Larry believed in the cause that he embraced some years ago. We honor Larry today, and every day, by continuing to fulfill our mission, but we do so with immense grief for the loss of a fellow animal lover, our dear friend.

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